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I love technology. Well, sort of. I guess I love the promise of technology. The problem is I'm continually disappointed by it. I think it's because the marketing people get involved and their goal is a little different from that of the engineers. And then there's the CEOs who have marketing deadlines and force the engineers to stop making corrections before the products are really ready for market.

So because I love the promise of technology, I buy into the marketing. I try to wait until the second release of soft or hardware so I'm just off the bleeding edge. But most of the time that doesn't work. Ya see, when companies get started on the next version, they know they have to add a new bunch of bells and whistles. (I mean after all, this sales pitch will just never be successful; "Same old software. But this version actually works!") So the old broken stuff never really gets fixed. You get the new, improved version with even more broken stuff in it than the first one. And if there's anything wrong with something (software, hardware, a can opener), it's guaranteed I'll find it - usually in the first few minutes!

I do understand that if companies don't sell their stuff, they can't stay in business and keep paying the engineers. It's just that when greed gets out of balance with the quality (which is most of the time), we get poor products and services. And that's where I get my name - The Tehcno Grouch.

See those creases between my eyes? They never go away even when I smile. It's from all those times when the technology let me down and I shouted, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" Can you guess how many times that has to happen to make those creases permanent? I can tell you, it's a lot!

My site and my column are devoted to all the crappy products and services my friends and I have been subjected to that have put those creases there. I'll give you the details and name names. But I'll also give space to the guys who get it right. You can probably guess that there won't be a whole lot of those.

I guess that kind of makes me the Andy Rooney of technology. (You gotta say this in Andy's high whiny voice.) "Didja ever have one of those days...?" Well, I've had lots of 'em. Maybe sharing the burden will lighten the load a little. Ready? Here we go...

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